Wednesday, May 29, 2013

i know i'm your stepping stone

I am your right now. I am your armrest and your always. your batting glove and punching bag. I am your hangnail. I am your list maker. your cherry blossom. your secret. and i am all of these things temporarily. and i am ok with that because i know i'm your stepping stone. I know you will never love me.
because time is everything we do and do not have, i wont be wasteful with right now. i wont over think it, i wont fight it. i will instead mean it and i will water it. i will call you panda and you will call me mouse. we will get dressed up and go to dinner. we will hold hands at the zoo. we will make up drinking games on lazy sundays and wrestle naked. we will replicate the shit out of love, with no thought of forever. we will care and lust and like. but never love.
you will remember me as your favorite pen. the one you reached for when turning your words into drawings. i will remember you as my bookmark. the one that kept my place when all i'd ever sorted through was inconsistency.

someday i won't think of you when i see whiskey stones. and someday you'll forget i picked out your couch.

that's not to say it won't hurt like hell to unlearn you. but that's not to say we ever loved.


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