Friday, March 15, 2013

16 Rand

Somewhere on Main Road in Cape Town, South Africa

There is a man

He is Cadbury’s milk chocolate

He is a free mint when leaving a restaurant

He is a hand shake turned hug

He missing his over sized wooden rosary

He has never missed God

He is the light through stained glass windows

He is a 2 dollar bill- to him only 16 rand, but to me

A treasure slipped in every Christmas card from my grandparents

He is a gift

He is a boundary hugger

He is an oxymoron

He is an isosceles triangle

He is I before E except after C

He was mine

And we were easy somewhere on Main Road in Cape Town, South Africa

Where our first and third world fingers met

As post apartheid's freedom song

Friday, March 8, 2013


when i do things like this...when i try to walk before i can crawl. when i crumple rationality and put it with all my old reciepts. when i expect different out comes from worn down actions. when all that's left is "i'm sorry" and an hour glass. when i do things like this...i want to be invisible. i want to translate all of the knots in my stomach to french, just to make my guilt sound beautiful. i could skip bags and bags of rocks into the Pacific. then maybe i'll feel less heavy. then maybe i can see the gift of goodbyes.