Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why this is happening...

I am making a conscious effort to honor my craft.

Almost every writing course I've taken (including University of Phoenix's online 'Advanced Creative Writing' course --> shoot me) has ended with Professors discussing the process of getting your MFA and to keep writing. One popular suggestion is to make a blog and tell your friends and family about it, and let them hold you accountable for a weekly posting. So here it is. Hold me accountable.

I was always told "no disclaimers" when it comes to writing. But people are judgemental. So here is my disclaimer. Not everything I will post is going to be warm or soft. Not everything I post will make you happy or is dressed in ribbons and sprinkled with glitter. Truth is this is 100% for me and I am shamelessly selfish about it. This is entirely for my benefit. So yes, I am using you but perhaps you will gain something out of this also. I am making a conscious effort to honor my craft before it gets too far away from me...and I need you to hold me accountable.

These posts will be short stories and poems and lists and thoughts and free writes and entirely made up and entirely my life (and more often than not will probably have grammatical errors). Enjoy the ambiguity, don't read to deeply into anything. 

If you're reading this changes are I love you dearly or at least respect you enough to share these pieces of myself with you. Or you stumbled upon this and that's cool too. I hope you enjoy. And if you don't, don't read it. Hate not.

Thank you, I really do appreciate your time and support.

All my love,


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